4th Management of Hazardous Chemicals and Process Safety Symposium and Exhibit was Held at MTA General Directorate

“4th Management of Hazardous Chemicals and Process Safety Symposium and Exhibit” organized by TMMOB Chamber of Chemical Engineers was held at the MTA General Directorate Sadrettin ALPAN Hall 24-25 April 2019. In addition to the officials from The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company, the symposium was attended by private sector representatives, academicians and experts. The symposium began with the TMMOB Chamber of Chemical Engineers Ankara Branch President Erkin ETİKE’s keynote speech and discussions were held regarding SEVESO and ADR regulations, which began to be implemented, the effects of hazardous chemicals on employees were mentioned, the difficulties encountered by implementers during the process safety and explosion protection document preparation process were conveyed and unknown facts about fires were discussed. The symposium continued with declaration presentations and concluded with the panel held with the attendance of Ministry officials.


Sessions were held with the titles of Process Safety Regulations and Management Systems, Process Safety and Management Elements, Concept of Affiliation in Safety Instrumented Systems Life Cycle, Industrial Control Systems in Chemical Industry and Industry 4.0 on the first day of the symposium. Sessions were held on the second day about Explosions, Fires, Causes of Spreading and Protective Measures, Process Safety in Explosive Manufacturing Facilities, Transportation, Storage and Neutralization of Explosives, Management of Chemicals, Good and Bad Field Practices. In addition to the disclosure of important information concerning the regulations and safety report reviews recently published by the Ministry officials, ADR practices in road transportation, the good practices and the work done by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning were shared in the symposium regarding the ADR practices in the transportation of hazardous chemicals by road and safe usage of chemicals. Solutions  for process safety, the work done for the management of hazardous chemicals and the solution of the problems that were encountered were presented by enterprises. Social Security Training Specialist Begüm DOĞAN and Social Security Training Assistant Specialist Gamze TEPEYURT attended the event as representatives of our institution.


The symposium, which lasted two days and concluded with the panel, stressed the importance of process safety, fire safety, prevention of explosions and toxic contaminations and management of chemicals. After the identification of threats, the role that not leaving these precautions as mere formalities on paper and putting them into practice has in preventing accidents was underlined and it was expressed that it was hoped that the work being done by professional chambers and universities and the contributions of enterprises would serve as a guiding light for solving the current problems.


As ÇASGEM, we contribute to the country-wide spreading of the correct execution of practices related to the management of hazardous chemicals and process safety with training programs within our ministry in the areas of explosion protection, process safety, Seveso, fire safety, workplace health and safety.