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The project application was made to and accepted by the Turkish National Agency, EU Ministry in 2013. The project was implemented in September in the same year. Within the scope of this project, any associations were founded with the organizations from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Serbia and UK.  They discussed with 21 young people, who came from these countries and Turkey, on practices in fields of employment, worker’s health and occupational safety and environment in the participant countries and awareness of the participants on these matters was increased.  


  1. The Stroke Association (UK);
  2. Lille Maja: Youth Centre (Estonia);
  3. Nature Friends Youth Public Union (Azerbaijan);
  4. Civic Inititative Association (Georgia);
  5. Gutta-Club Centre (Moldova);
  6. Latvijas Studentu apvieniba (Latvia); and
  7. Forum of Youth Macedonias (Serbia).


Within the scope of this project, a 6-day training schedule was implemented. In this training schedule, any sessions on profession selection/working life, worker’s health and occupational safety, first aid and environment were organized.

Any relevant activities of the partner countries were discussed and any information was given on practices in field of worker’s health and occupational safety in Turkey within the scope of technical visits to ISGUM and ULKER A.S.

In this schedule prepared by using any common training techniques, any participants, who came from the countries cooperated by us, played an active role.  

Training Language: English  

Date: 30th September – 5th October, 2013

Participants: 3 participants from each country

Place: CASGEM, Ankara


Project Contact: Mrs. Begum DOGAN, Labor and Social Safety Training Specialist