Abdurrahim ŞENOCAK was born in 1967 in Trabzon - Çaykara. He completed his primary and secondary education in Bursa-Orhangazi and his undergraduate and graduate education in İzmir-Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Theology. He taught in the schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Trabzon and İzmir. In 2002, he was among the founders of Eğitim-Bir-Sen İzmir Branch. He served as the branch chairperson between 2003-2014 and in 2008-2015 as the Representative of the Memur-Sen İzmir. ŞENOCAK participated in many TV programs, panels, conferences and other events as a speaker. ŞENOCAK, who became the consultant of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on April 2016, was appointed as the Assistant General Manager of the Turkish Employment Agency on 14 July 2016. ŞENOCAK was appointed as the President of the Centre for Labour and Social Security Training and Research on 27 January 2017. ŞENOCAK who wrote in Yeni Asır Gazette as a columnist between the years 2014 and 2017, also has a book and translations published in various journals. ŞENOCAK who knows English at intermediate level and Arabic at advanced level, is married and father of three children.