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In order to increase international cooperation of ÇASGEM, an intense work has been started on February 2012 and project applications have been made to the European Union grant programmes. Submitted, approved, completed / ongoing projects are given below:

On 02.07.2012, ÇASGEM applied to the Ministry of the European Union, Center for EU Training and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency) to be accredited as Eurodesk Contact Point and the application was approved on 20.09.2012. ÇASGEM became Eurodesk Turkey Contact Point following the signature of the agreement of 24.09.2012.  Eurodesk is the European Information Network providing information regarding European opportunities for education and youth and the youth participation in European activities and has got more than 1000 contact points.


Within this scope, Eurodesk Turkey Contact Points are authorized institutions by the Turkish National Agency to provide information to youth and youth workers concerning European Opportunities.

ÇASGEM, as the Eurodesk Turkey Contact Point, will contribute to obtain a qualified labour force market by informing disadvantageous youth (financially, geographically, disability, etc) on European Opportunities and providing experience abroad to youth.


ÇASGEM will provide the following services as contact point:

  • Free answering service (email, fax, phone, visit),
  • Recommendation and help service,
  • Providing access to information regarding grants funded by the European Union,
  • Organizing trainings and support service,
  • Organizing conferences, seminars and other activities,
  • Publishing and distributing source materials.



  1. ATTENTION! Youth in Charge! EU Project

A training programme of 6 days has been prepared for 21 participants from United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Serbia and Turkey. Sessions were held on choice of profession / work life, occupational health and safety, first aid and environment. The project took place in ÇASGEM on 30 September – 5 October.


Safe Vocational Training

Within the scope of this project carried out with the partnership of ÇASGEM, 3 experts from ÇASGEM paid a visit to schools – and particularly ateliers – providing vocational training in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom regarding occupational health and safety.  Within this context, the integration of best European practices into vocational training institutions in Turkey is planned.


“Study of Risk Assessment Implementations at SMEs in terms of Occupational Health and Safety”


Within the scope of this project, carried out by ÇASGEM, two non-governmental organizations working on occupational health and safety in Turkey established a partnership. Within the scope of this project, activities were carried out on study of OHS implementations in EU countries, study of training modules for Risk Assessment for SMEs, SMEs’ point on view on OHS, observation of OHS approach. A cooperation is established with DGUV – Legal Accidental Insurance and Prevention Union in Germany and AUVA – Occupational Risks Social Insurance Institution” in Austria and a study visit took place to the aforementioned institutions with the participation of 22 experts. The project report is being prepared in order to reflect knowledge and experience acquired during the study visit.


For 2015 and following years:

It is foreseen to implement projects on occupational health and safety with specific topics (developing protective and preventing systems, safety culture, etc.) to increase international cooperations and activities for 2015 and following years. Within this scope, cooperation activities with Asian and European countries and institutions from Canada and America have been started.