Harmonization of Work and Family Life Project Training

The inability of men and women to balance their roles and duties especially at workplace and in family life, in other words, the inability to harmonize their work and family lives can cause psychological problems such as stress, lack of self-confidence, inefficiency, unhappiness and depression. Just as the assignment of duties such as house chores to women as well as taking care of children and elderly lowers women’s quality of life, it also causes mental fatigue, distress, and loss of efficiency at workplace. This hectic pace and fatigue also diminishes women’s desire to assume leadership positions within society.

However the failure to establish a balance means creation of a unhealthy society. Because of this, women’s establishing a balance of work and family life particularly holds vast significance for the continuation of a healthy society.

Our project, which set out with the goal of creating solutions for these problems, is financed by the Consulate General of Sweden, Istanbul and co-executed with Öz İplik Labor Union. Training and coaching activities continue as part of the “Harmonization of Work and Family Life in Unions Project”. The goal of operations that are being carried out is to ameliorate the working conditions for women and put forth reconciliation policies.

The training for the project was organized in 2018 and 2019 in Çorlu, Aksaray, Tokat, Düzce and Bolu provinces. Workplace representatives, women’s committee members, branch directors and approximately 500 people living with their families attended the program. Training and coaching services are provided as part of the project by our training specialists. The training and coaching sessions aim to equip the participants with the skills that will be beneficial in making their work and family lives more harmonious.

Project training courses are going to be completed at the end of February. Also a Work and Family Life Harmonization Booklet is in preparation to be handed out to the social parties when the project is concluded.