The objective of Individual Labour Law Training is to examine the service agreement relation between the employer and employee within the legal context. The training programme will contribute to the level of knowledge on Labour Law No. 4857, examining the responsibilities of the employee and employers.

Service contracts, the content, termination of the contract, terms such as employer, employee and workplace, severance and notice pay, all subjects related with this chapter will be examined throughout the training programme.


The following content will be delivered:


- Introduction to Labour Law: History, Main Features, Resources and Implementation Areas

- Guiding Principles of the Labour Law

- Basic Concepts of the Labour Law

- Sub-contractor primary employer relation

- Types of Labour Contract

- General Obligations of the Labour Law and Liabilities of the parties

- Cancellation Conditions of Labour Law

- Labour Security

- Justification of Cancellation

- Judicial Remedy against Cancellation

- Results of Service Contract Cancellation

- Wage Types from a Juridical Approach

- Work Time and Permissions

- Severance Pay

- Sample Adjudication


Training Duration: 2 Days / 12 Hour

Number of participants: 10-25 Persons

Participant Profile:  Employee and employer representatives, human sources and staff working in the management