Risk Assessment Course for IZSU General Directorate WHS Professionals

Theoretical subjects were imparted, and field observations and practical applications were covered during the work health and safety risk assessment for a time span of 40 hours and held 4th through 8th of February 2019. IZSU sub-employers, Iz Enerji and Izbelkom employees were also among the course participants.


Risk assessment decision matrices and the concept of probability were dealt with extensively in the course. The 3T and Kinney methods in particular were taught to the participants along with the showing of field examples. The participants were separated into two groups, encouraged to do teamwork and present the results to the class. This was done to ensure that the understanding of the subject and the methods was firmly established.


Also, as one of the main principles governing the understanding of work health and safety and as a great contributor for field performance observations and for the employers’ and WHS professionals’ performance of their monitoring and tracking duties, Elmeri performance observation method was conveyed to the participants through applications and examples and finally, the group was calibrated to allow them to have a similar view towards the same dangers and risks.


In order to discern the performance of IZSU General Directorate in terms of work health and safety management system, work health and safety management system rating (WHS-MS rating) was applied and taught to the participants so that they could utilize it in their own work environments.


The topics of how workplace accidents and cases should be studied, what kind of practices should be adopted and what type of documents should be issued before accidents take place for the employees, employers and WHS professionals not to be caught in a difficult situation when the accidents are submitted to judicial process. Precedents from last 30 years of decisions by the Court of Cassation were evaluated to issue an analysis.