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Main Objective

To develop the labour market in Turkey with human dignity through a better skilled labour force, improved working conditions, social security services and occupational health and safety - by providing capacity building support to the Centre for Labour and Social Security Training and Research (ÇASGEM).


Purpose of the Project

To increase the capacity of ÇASGEM on design, development, delivery, evaluation of trainings, marketing and research in line with EU Social Policy and Employment Acquis, specifically by:

  • improving the capacity of Labour and Social Security Experts in training design, development, delivery and designing new high quality training modules and an e-learning system;
  • increasing the marketing and research capacity of ÇASGEM with visibility activities and research pilots; and
  • facilitating the design of a more effective institutional structure for ÇASGEM.


Main Activities of the Project

Main activities are about determining a framework for the project design and approach in order to establish a positive institutional change and a sustainable strong capacity.  The requirement of change in the management, improving the cooperation between private sector and civil society, the cooperation between social stakeholders, training and research institutes and academic institutions, marketing and visibility, human sources skills, sustainability of technical efficiency and institutional structuring, providing applicable solutions based on the determined requirements, providing full, progressive and integrated learning are among the activities.  



The Project is structured by three technical components:

Component 1: Training,

Component 2: Marketing and Research, and

Component 3: New Structure of the Centre;

Besides these components, an Inception Phase and a Project Closing Phase will be carried out. Every Component targets a result area in accordance with the Terms of Reference and includes 16 specific activities.


Project Duration

The Project has been officially started on 14 January 2015 and will be implemented over 24 months.