We Were At Çubuk Socıal Servıces Center For The “My Peer And Mentor Project”

Mentoring classes continue to take place as part of the “My Peer and Mentor Project”, a currently ongoing project which began in 2017. With the mentoring classes we launched, we brought together both Social Services Center employees who wanted to become mentors and the youth with disabilities.


Mentorship is a powerful and widespread mechanism that allows individuals to learn a great many new things about personal, social and occupational skills, knowledge and proficiencies. Translated to Turkish as “yönderlik” but widely used as “mentorluk”, the concept of mentorship can be defined as a form of assistance, protection or guidance that one confers upon another to reach one or more goals at the end of a certain period of time.


The goal of My Peer and My Mentor project is for mentorship to be used as a tool for the disabled youth to be included within the social life and for people in the same social circles to support each other.


The class took place at the Social Services Center Conference Hall with a considerably high level of attention from and participation by social services experts and young, disabled individuals. First of all, the form of relationship known as mentor-mentee relationship is one that is based on mutual responsibilities and volunteering. With this understanding and awareness established in the participants, discussions with maintained active participation were held on subjects such as what mentorship is and how it should be, the fundamental principles of mentorship, main responsibilities, how to be an effective mentor and what both sides’ expectations from each other are for the duration of mentorship. After the class, where emphasis was placed on the need for uninterrupted coordination and communication to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the process, mentor-mentee pairing was carried out based on volunteering and compatibility.


Project participation certificates will be handed out to the participants who successfully conclude the mentoring stage at the end of this period.