Purpose of this program is to provide work health and safety knowledge to engineers, architects or technical staff willing to be work safety expert or increase their certificate class required for implementing their occupational abilities in work places and perform their duties envisaged in the regulation.  Within frame of this main purpose, general law and work safety and health knowledge shall be given to candidates willing to be work safety expert, then detailed information shall be given those may be classified under main topics such as physical, chemical, biological, psycho-social for risk factors already exist in work places.  Within frame of basic training program; the aim is to exclusively handle mining and construction sectors, additionally examine works in sectors important for work accident and occupational diseases such as metal and chemistry sectors.  It was aimed to include risks arising from tools, equipments and vehicles used in work places and protection methods from these risks within the training program, and gain knowledge about management of risks arising from all kinds of risks.

Principles regarding content of the program

While determining content of the program; factors causing work accident and occupational diseases at work places, risks arising from these factors and protection methods for these risks, work place based micro policies related with work health and safety are defined by considering events and concepts to be encountered by engineers, architects and technical staff assigned as work safety experts during their works.  Also, these selected issues are piled according to their criterion of foundation creating for all issues in the program and learning priority regarding placement of other information on this foundation and establishing integrity among each other.  Main reason for selecting these criterion is division of work safety speciality into three classes as A, B and C, and availability of technical implementation experience to be acquired in time starting from C class work safety speciality and exams required to be passed and separately issued for each class.  While determining contents f programs available in work safety speciality trainings divided into three classes, weight of every subject was separately handled and assigned work places of work safety experts in every class are considered.  For instance, as C class work safety experts shall be assigned at work places within less dangerous class, safety culture, law knowledge, personal protective equipments and ergonomy issues are weighed in trainings to be given for that class, besides, as A and B class work safety experts shall be assigned at work places within dangerous and very dangerous classes, issues such as risk factors and sectoral discriminations are weighed.  In trainings to be provided for three classes of speciality, issues such as work environment supervision, prevention policies, risk management and assessment are weighed equally due to having same importance in every work place.

Who can apply?

Graduates of engineering or architecture faculties, physicists, chemists or biologists and graduates of work safety and health programs of Vocational High Schools of universities may apply for this training.

Other health personnel training program

Introduction Data

Purpose of this program is to provide work health and safety knowledge required for implementing occupational abilities at work places for nurse, health officer, emergency medicine technician and environment health technicians in order to fulfill service procurement liability of work places.

Who can apply?

Persons having nurse, health officer, emergency medicine technician and environment health technician diploma and persons having work place nurse certificate given by the Ministry can apply for this training.