Workplace Health and Safety in Chemical Industry Informational Meeting

Workplace Health and Safety in Chemical Industry training was given by our Labor and Social Security Training Expert Begüm Doğan to members of the chemical industry during the “Workplace Health and Safety in Chemical Industry Informational Meeting” held by İzmir Chamber of Commerce on 22 April 2019. The importance of the responsibilities that the involved parties are charged with to avoid recurrence of large-scale industrial accidents such as the Bhopal accident were mentioned in the meeting that commenced with the speeches of İzmir Chamber of Commerce General Secretary Prof. Dr. Mustafa TANYERİ and Council Member Tayfun EYİEL. Information was given in the seminar, in which participants showed profound interest, regarding general workplace health and safety applications, the work that should be done particularly for the chemical industry and newly published legal regulations. Also the chemical industry applications of the Workplace Health and Safety Law number 6331 were discussed in detail and sector representatives’ views on the topic were evaluated.


Touching on the significance of ÇASGEM achieving coordination with regard to creating awareness about workplace health and safety and informing shareholders, the participants requisitioned that workplace health and safety training is standardized and a curriculum is formed. The importance of reaching accurate information for these efforts to fulfill their goals was accentuated in the meeting during which İZTO General Secretary reviewed workplace health and safety applications in detail from the aspect of employers.


As ÇASGEM, we contribute to the spreading of the correct execution of practices for the chemical industry with training programs in the areas of explosion protection, process safety, Seveso, fire safety, workplace health and safety and with informational meetings.