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:17 Ekim 2018

Project Cycle Management trainings are crucial for individuals and institutes who will be participating in project/grant processes within the scope of Financial Cooperation Relations with the European Union.

Within the scope of this cooperation, this training programme aims at reducing problems faced during the preparations of EU Documents such as Project Fiches and Terms of References. PCM will be studied from a conceptual and practical approach. 

Project cycle management training includes the following items: Definition of the project and the role of the project within the scope of EU supports, PCM, basic documents and stakeholder responsibilities, logical framework approach, principles and how to use basic analytic tools, identification of indicators.

Following trainings are delivered within the scope of the programme:


  • Turkey – EU Pre-accession assistance relations
  • EU funded projects and the planning process
  • Basic Terms regarding Project Process Management
  • Logical Framework and Principles
  • Generating Logical Framework Matrix
  • Project Application Forms (Project Fiche and ToR) and the preparation of the annexes
  • Evaluation Criteria for the identification of the project awards


Duration:  3 days / 18 hours

Number of Participants: 10-25 persons

Participant Profile: Representatives of project coordinators, NGO representatives, individuals or institutes planning to apply for a grant, employers or employer representatives, academics, students, workers.