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:17 Ekim 2018

Purpose of the Program

Purpose of the program is to raise awareness among employees regarding risks special for the work to be performed and the work place and protection measures, their legal rights and responsibilities regarding new risks, provide positive knowledge, ability, attitude and behaviour change regarding the work health and safety.

Content of Training

1. General Subjects

- Information related with work regulation

- Legal rights and responsibilities of employees

- Workplace cleaning and order

- Legal results arising from work accident and occupational diseases


2. Health Issues

- Reasons of occupational diseases,

- Disease protection principles and implementing protection techniques

- Biological and psycho-social risk factors

- First aid


3. Technical Issues

- Chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors

- Manual lifting and carrying

- Flaming, explosion, fire and fire protection

- Safe usage of work equipments

- Working with vehicles having screens

- Electricity, dangers, risks and measures

- Reasons of work accidents and implementing protection principles and techniques

- Safety and health signs

- Personal protective equipment usage

- Work health and safety general rules and safety culture

- Evacuation and rescue


Period of Training: Based on danger class of the work place;

- For workplaces in less dangerous class: 1-2 Day / 8 Hours

- For workplaces in less dangerous class: 2-3 Day / 12 Hours

- For workplaces in very dangerous class: 2 or 4 Days / 16 Hours


Number of Participants: Group of 10 - 25 people

Participant Profile: Executives and employees at all levels