Meetıng Halls And Socıal Facılıtıes

1. Accommodation Facility

Accommodation Facility: The facility with 12 floors including (Floor -2) Laundry, (Floor -1) Lower Entrance Hall, (GROUND FLOOR) Reception, Lobby and Management Section, (1-9) Hotel Floors (Accommodation Section) has got a capacity of 166 bed; 78 double, 8 twin and 2 suite room.

Accommodation Rooms: Mini bar, television (40 satellite channel), phone, wireless (internet service), heating system, central air conditioning system, 24 hours hot water, bath towel, hand towel, face towel, foot towel, disposable slipper, soap, shampoo, luxury bed, elegant furnishing of high quality, hygienic environment and warm welcome by hotel staff.

Note: Breakfast is included. No fee for children aged between 0 – 6.


2. Restaurant                   


Self-service for 200 people, fixed price, special menu available, service available for special reservations. Service available for both domestic and international guests and delegations. Many institutes and institutions prefer ÇASGEM restaurant service.           



3. Conference Hall:


Conference Hall: Capacity of 250 persons, provides service for domestic and foreign guests. Technical infrastructure such as simultaneous translation in 3 languages, sound system, beamer, laptop, heating / cooling system; activities such as conference, seminar, panel discussions, symposium, training; available on business hours, out of business hours and weekends. Special reservations welcomed. 


Conference Hall Fee:

4. Training Halls:

Training Rooms: Beamer and laptop available in every room and meeting hall. In the computer training room, all computers have wireless internet connection.


Conference Hall Fee:

T.C.Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O Pursaklar Şubesi/ANKARA

IBAN NO: TR 40 0001 5001 7299 8005 70 (TL HESABI)
IBAN NO:1283-35586406-5009 (USD HESABI) Ziraat Bankası Pursaklar Şubesi
IBAN NO:1283-35586406-5012 (EURO HESABI) Ziraat Bankası Pursaklar Şubesi


Çalışma ve Sosyal Güvenlik Eğitim ve Araştırma Merkezi
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Fax: +90 312 527 51 23



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