Mission & Vision


ÇASGEM aims to provide safe working conditions, prevent probable work accident and injured, minimize occupational disease in Turkey. We aim to inform employees and employers of social insurance rights or obligation accordingly contribute national economy or recovery as establishing working peace system. Through this, we give education, provide research, analyzing, publication, documentation and consultancy services on business life and social insurance at the national-international level. ÇASGEM also organize a training course for ministry or ministerial council employees, public or private sector employee, worker or employer.

ÇASGEM offers certification programs about statistics job, being work-place doctor, work-place nurse, health officer, labor safety engineer and crafts besides, the title of business life, social insurance, employee-employer relationships, occupational health and safety, total quality management, job study, employment, productivity, labor market survey, ergonomics, environment and first-aid kit to the above-mentioned.



ÇASGEM aims to realize and optimize inner big potential providers, follow closely scientific and technological advance, give need-based quality education to employees and employers. ÇASGEM also aspire to become a council on behalf of the state that gives education, provides consultancy and research service in working life.